April 28: Four Course Beer Dinner at Turner’s Melrose

source: http://www.capeannbrewing.com/

Looking for something fun to do next week? On Tuesday, April 28, Turner’s Seafood in Melrose is hosting a four-course prix-fixed dinner with exciting pairings from the local Cape Ann Brewery.  Head brewer Dylan L’Abbe-Lindquist will headline the event, sharing his knowledge and experience on some of the finer points of brewing for flavor and character…. Read more »

NOAA Annual Report Released


Earlier this week the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released it’s annual report detailing progress made towards national fish stock rebuilding efforts.  Overall the report noted positive improvements in most stocks, but the New England Fishery stands out as still having plenty of room for improvement.  The Gloucester Daily Times reports that according to NOAA, the… Read more »

“Cod Extinction Unlikely”

source: talkingfish.org

Professor Steve Cadrin teaches at the UMass Dartmouth School of Marine Science where he specializes in fisheries oceanography and fish stock population modeling.  Back in early March, Cadrin presented a talk regarding the state of our local cod stock.  Admitting that the stock is indeed in trouble, he made a bold statement that it is… Read more »

Local Effort to Tackle Ocean Acidification

Source: Wood's Hole Oceanographic Institute

Burgeoning global populations and an increasing reliance on fossil fuels among the industrialized nations has lead to explosive levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere and consequently in our oceans.  There is no question that the effect this is having on the environment is dramatic and in many cases, extremely detrimental.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s… Read more »

A sobering reminder of the cost of America’s deadliest job

It’s no secret that commercial fishing is one of the most dangerous ways to make a living.  With mother nature calling the shots, even the most skilled and experienced fishermen run the risk of encountering unpredictable, life-threatening conditions at sea.  What’s worse, strict regulations and decreased revenues have increased the safety risks associated with this often… Read more »